Hard Facts Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun 2014 – DON’T CRY, RUN!‏


Saturday 24th of May 2014,  our 4th editon of the Belgian Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun took place on the Circuit of Zolder. About 3400 runners – almost 600 more then last year – accepted this ‘strong’ challenge with the support of nearly 10.000 spectators. All this happened on a very sunny Saturday with more than 20 degrees temperature.

The Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun is officially the biggest obstacle Race in the World,
with editions in 8 different countries, with a total of 55.000 participants.

The challenge in a nutshell: a track of 17.2 km with a lot of spectacular obstacles,
30 in total of which 13 unique.

A swim test at the “Mud Pipes“, a foam slide after passing the big foam cannon, breakneck stunts on the “RingDings” – a trace of tires, a strong run through 150m³ real snow in
the “Snow Valley“, beating electrical wires at “Lazy Logs “and burdened by the dark
in “Dark Rooms”, our heroes and our heroines survived them all – with a big smile.

More than 28 nationalities were present at the Belgian Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun including 1984 Belgians, 476 Germans, 420 Dutch runners, 14 Americans, and even
Strongmen coming from Ecuador, Mexico, China and Cuba.

Geert Maes was the first runner who crossed the finish line in a record time of just 1 hour,
5 minutes and 30 seconds. But during the StrongmanRun we also have seen Strongwomen, this was proved by Hilde Kippers. She was the first woman who finished the race in just 1 hour,
18 minutes and 11 seconds!

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Top 3 Men:

1. Maes Geert (BEL)
2. Bertels Jelle (BEL)
3. Marion Christophe (BEL)

Top 3 Women:

1. Kippers Hilde (BEL)
2. Feil Friederike (GER)
3. Schmitz Nadine (GER)

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